HI Connect®
Nashville, Tennessee

HI Connect® is a patented three day event features the finest decision makers, owners, developers, GMs, architects, purchasing executives, designers, suppliers, and purchasing companies.

Explore unique spaces such as guestrooms, bathrooms, and public spaces such as hotel lobby, restaurant, and bar & lounge. The vision of each Vignette is a true collaboration with premier designers, architects, purchasing companies, and featured suppliers

Incredible Multi-Faceted Line-Up Part of Expanding HI Connect® 2016
HI Connect 2016 now home to both the InnDependent Lodging Executive Summit Powered by IBC and the Diversity Summit in Hospitality Procurement.
Diversity Summit Coming to HI Connect 2016
Critical programming to unite lodging industry coming March 17-19.
HI Connect® and IBC in Powerhouse Deal
HI Connect 2016 now home to the co-located InnDependent Lodging Executive Summit Powered by IBC.
Roberto Besquin

HI Connect allowed us to show our manufacturing capabilities to some of the top designers, purchasing agents and industry professionals while having the opportunity to network with them.

Roberto Besquin , D'style Inc.
Amy Hulbert

We are thrilled to be here and to be showcasing our boutique concept in our vignette here at such a great forum where we can really showcase this for developers, designers and product sourcing alike and we are getting such great feedback from all of those folks here. It is a completely different format, it is a wonderful show we like it because it because it brings out creativity and we can really see what design firms can do and we also hire design firms which is really great for us to be able to see what they can produce and it also wonderful for us to be able to appeal to all these different groups. We love the developer side too because it is not a formal developement meeting, it's not a hard sell kind of meeting . We can bring our developers in too to see initiatives that we are workign on but maybe also cross pollenate with some others that are here at the show. We love those opportunities and our team's had a great opportunity they interacted with alot of people today.

Amy Hulbert , Best Western International, Inc.